The living room is a space in your house that needs your optimum attention. It is the room where you relax on your long weekend or binge-watch your favorite shows. It’s where you entertain guests. It has to be perfect in look, fee and comfort 24×7. Hence, the living room decor requires adequate planning. 

After all, it will reflect your impeccable decorating style. People create an opinion about you and your family based on living room experience!

If your living space looks dull and lifeless, you will need trendy and inspirational ideas to beautify it. However, it is necessary to know which trends will stand the test of time and make the room appear fresh.

For your benefit, we have rounded up these ideas to spruce up your living room. Have a look!

1. Modern Living Room

Minimalist ideas are in style with modern living room designs. Use current and sleek furniture. The sharp and clean lines that modern furniture suites well with a black setting. 

Another factor you need to keep in mind about this decor is that ‘less is more.’ Don’t forget this when you choose new pieces.

An open plan will go well with this. Get a carefully chosen art wall. You can opt for a black and white color palette and accentuate the theme with a subtle splash of other light colors. 

For instance, you can use beige for the touch-up. Thus, it will pop-up the artwork and add more sophistication to this style.

In case you have a small space, there are few swaps that you can make for getting the most out of it. For instance, go for a settee rather than a sofa and a stack nesting table than a big coffee table.

To make the minimalist space stand out, choose an item that will catch your eye right away.

2. Grey Living Room

Is grey, your favorite color? Even though beige is coming back in fashion, grey can always be the right choice.

Warm, dark, light, or cold, you can get all types of grey color which suit your taste. It is one of the most comfortably used colors for interior decoration. 

Hence, you have to decide on whether you want airy and light decor or a dramatic and deep one depending on the shades of grey. When you finish choosing, look for furnishing and paints in the same shade but in a different tone.

You can keep injecting some colors or maintain a monochromatic theme. Use pastel colors to make the grey really come out. Choose the accessories carefully and those that match with the victorian finish. Pull the look together vibrantly with different shades of grey.

When using darker greys, bring it to light with bold accents. Use rose-gold undertone to add a glow to the grey scheme — team up shade with pink for a stylish look.

When using a more cooling shade, enhance it with natural foliage. It will have a calming effect. Thus, making it cozy and warm. However, avoid making it too cold. All grey shades can do well with a metallic hint.

3. Floral Living Room

Many people like floral designs. If you are a flower kind-of-person, then floral art can be a fantastic theme for your living room. 

The best option is to go with a mix of multiple themes. You don’t have to be into pastel colors to amp-up the living room with florals.

Moody and dark floral designs have made their way to the top choices by designers. 

Thus, it ensures that the room appears fresh and appealing throughout the year and not merely in summer or spring. If you are using hardwood flooring, make sure hardwood is clean and clear. Here are the best ways to clean hardwood floors.

When you go for a floral backdrop, keep the remaining decor white. This accentuates the florals and makes the living space look more elegant.

You can also opt for decorative furniture while keeping the backdrop in beige, grey, or white. Add a light color rug and flower curtains to complete the look. 

However, using flowers in every decor piece can make the room appear cluttered. Floral prints are never going to go out of fashion but don’t overuse them.

4. Pink Living Room

Bubble gum, blush, rose gold, millennial, there are more pink shades than you know. You might have also heard about a few of them. These shades have taken the decor world by storm.

Pink has got a glamorous update, and it is here to stay. It is no more the color preserved for the girl’s bedroom. It is a “color du jour” for all rooms, including the one in the discussion.

Use the right shade of pink, and the room appears fresh, grown-up, and modern. If you want a load-back and comforting place, combine soft pink with peach tones. Dress your sitting with luxurious linens or silks. Get a sofa with oriental patterns to give a touch of a decorative element.

When you look for a romantic setting, use a combination of soft putty and tea rose. Paint the walls in shades of grey. 

Perk up the look with contemporary side tables, statement mirrors, and copper accessories. Thus, your room will have a modern edge.

To create a room of balance, use power pink with touches of white or warm neutrals like caramel, sand, or stone. 

Since it’s a fresh color, use natural wood to warm it up. Work with woven accessories, linen, and ceramics to add texture and gives it a contemporary feel.

5. Blue Living Room

Another popular choice in the present times is a blue living room. It doesn’t appear like it is going to go out of fashion any time soon. From inky blues to teal, these colors are best for showing some limelight. 

When it comes to your living room, you can’t get enough of them.

Blue is versatile. It can be comfortable and restful and also decadent and exciting at the same time. 

Depending on the shade you choose, it can be anything. To build a simple and cozy look, paint the walls dark blue. Keep the ceiling and dressing light white to balance it out.

Thus, it won’t appear gloomy. Glam it up with mirror-finish furniture. Grey color furniture can work with a fresh color tone like this.

For a traditional update opt for teal shade. It brings out the heritage of the living room. Match the sofa with the color of the walls to encourage the look. Also, the wall will serve as a robust backdrop for antiques.

To give a softer tone to your living room, use a turquoise blue sofa against the backdrop of denim blue. Use a light denim blue carpet to pull the look together.

6. White Living Room

White is the color of elegance. White is royalty. White is elitist!

It looks clean, crisp, and effortless. Trust me, it will never go out of style.

Add green foliage to give your white living room a sophisticated touch. It will also add color to your room. 

Another option is to paint the walls red and get white furniture. Add some black and white paintings at the backdrop.

This kind of decor is like a breath of fresh air. Thus, you come back home to a soothing white living space.

7. Luxury Living Room

As the name suggests, this style is ideal for people who like luxe living.

When you look for designing a luxurious lounge, you need to keep in mind that it has two things, shining metallics, and chrome plush textures.

One way to transform an ordinary living space into a luxurious one is to add a velvet leather sofa. It emanates class and sophistication. 

Dress up the room with a coffered ceiling to add an elegant and charming appeal.

To give the room a touch of shine, add shiny brass lamps. These are elegant and timeless, at the same time. This is the piece you need the most for a fancy upgrade. If you have to make it shinier, add gold. 

Yes, glittery shades of gold with neutral whites help to balance the shine.

In case you want to transform it into an expansive space, you need large open walls. Clean out to add a glass wall. Upsize everything to let the room breathe.

When it comes to the color tone, white and blue works ideally to give your room an elegant touch. It exudes a carefree and relaxed feel along with the luxe appeal you want. 

A simple idea is to add a stunning chandelier. In an instant, the room goes from drab to fab.

8. Rustic Living Room

Country or rustic living rooms serve as the heavenly abode to escape the worldly affairs. They have a relaxing feel and provide elegance and peace of mind.

One of the best ways to create a rustic look is to make way for natural lighting. A living room with a view feels cozy and grand. 

It is the perfect choice when you have your nest in the countryside or mountains.

A gorgeous brick fireplace can be a great idea. It is the foundation for decorating. This has everything you need to make your room appear rustic and stylish at the same time. You can also opt for wood paneling for walls which gives the elegant look to the room.

Thus, it will be a comfortable space for your family.

Exposed beams give a touch of Victorian beauty. Play well with natural wood and coral tones. Creating a rustic living room is quite easy when you stick to colors like brown, cream, and grey.

9. Boho Living Room

Boho chic is one of the styles that has become pretty popular in recent times. Originating in Bohemia, the eclectic and fun look will bring a smile to your face whenever you step into the living room.

If you are a fan of natural materials, rattan is the thing you need. This is the ideal thing to add to a bohemian decor. 

The lightweight and durable eco-friendly vines serve as an excellent natural base for laying with textures and colors.

However, keep in mind that bohemianism isn’t about bringing in any object you find. 

Incorporate collected pieces and old items from around the world. Go for a contrasting color palette.

Bring in beautiful green plants to give the space a real bohemian feel. New palms and romantic vines can be a good idea. Incorporate a statement-making a gallery wall. 

Experiment and be creative. It is fun to try out the unexpected and new.

With trendy macrame, soothing color palette, and soft textures, the room will appear fabulous. Don’t forget the hammock chair, and it is a must-have for a bohemian bedroom!

10. Coastal Living Room

Breezy and bright coastal decors will transport you straight to a serene beach with blue waters.

The only problem with this is, you can easily overdo it. Hence, you should stick to add subtle coastal elements to a light palette.

Touches of blue with sandy and coral colors will remind you of sea-surfing. Stick to an open layout and limited use of accessories and furniture. 

Remember, your work here is to get an airy and spacious atmosphere which is similar to what happens on a beach.

A coastal living room needs the right combination of material and colors. Keep large windows and avoid going for leather couches. Use something in lighter tones of blue. You can also get sofas in white shade.

Even though the theme is easy-breezy, there is no reason why you cannot see a little elegance. Use a mirrored coffee table and a few delicate details to add to the feel.

These are some ideas that will spruce up the look of your living space. Choose a style that you want and work around it to make it uniquely yours. For blending living room with the dining room area, you can get some inspiration for dining room ideas.

However, one thing that you need to maintain with every style is not to go overboard and make the living room appear clumsy. In the end, no one knows your home better than you. Choose the best outlook and be completely satisfied. You can also get some fresh & trendy ideas from the online furniture stores. Here are some of the best online furniture stores that will freshen up your decor ideas.