If you’re planning some changes in your small kitchen to make it look bigger, better and bolder, you don’t need a big dose of creativity. These are some common decorating ideas, which perhaps you’re already aware of but here are 20 gems hidden in the next few paragraphs that could well surprise you. 

No matter how awesome and beautiful your kitchen may look at its first glance, the question you need to ask is: Is it organized and functional or just plain beautiful? This really means: Does it have sheer beauty or brains too? Here are some of the best small kitchen desgin ideas for your new fresh kitchen. To get yourself one which is a combination of the two, read on. 

1. Plain White or Light Colours

White is by far the best colour to paint your kitchen. It reflects light and gives the impression of enhanced space. When you team this up with white countertops, cabinetry, walls, and ceiling, it gives a unified and seamless vast space.

You could, if you wish, opt for light colours in your kitchen which would also give a space-enhancing impression. If white is not your style, opt for light green or canary yellow which will give a warm sunny glow. 

2. Cover the Floor with A Rug

Small Kitchen Ideas

You might have drab flooring but avoided reworking on it to avoid heavy expenses. But who says you need to spend hefty to change the flooring? Get an immediate makeover of your kitchen flooring by covering the laminate with a rug or carpet.

Not only is it easy to maintain, by having a carpet edge-to-edge, but you can also utilize more space. 

3. Turn on The Lights, Please

No one likes to enter a dimly lit or dark kitchen. One way of bringing in natural light is to opt for curtains which are transparent. If privacy is your concern, go for opaque-colored curtains.

You could also opt for panel track blinds of different shades to allow daylight when you need and shut it when your work is finished.

You can make your kitchen look like a million dollars by installing absolutely stunning lights and a chandelier over the breakfast area, sink, and islands. If you have warm lights inside, above and below cupboards, your kitchen will look spacious, and bright.

4. An Element of Surprise: Reflective Surfaces

We all know that mirrors can make a room look more spacious. Put up a big mirror in an ornate frame. Other than this, mirrored cupboards also sound like a good idea.

You could also consider using other reflective surfaces, such as glossy paint and cabinets, stainless steel appliances, glass tiles or lustrous flooring. Try one or more of these to make your kitchen more than a workroom. 

5. Double Sink or Single?

A double sink is a definite no-no as occupies a major chunk of worktop space and shrink the size of your kitchen. Instead, opt for single sinks that are ideal for small kitchens.

Single sinks can easily accommodate your pots and pans without occupying too much space. 

6. Copper Open Shelves Are a Great Idea

If you like the idea of open storage, why not try copper shelves? Not only are they trending right now, but are considered to be really chic. So, if you’re a neat freak, you can have a stunning kitchen with this addition. 

Besides, it will make your kitchen look spacious and airy. 

7. How to Dress Up Your Flooring

If you have wooden flooring in the rest of your home, let it continue in your kitchen too. However, a good chic option is ceramic tiles.

These ceramic tiles can make your kitchen look lavish and luxurious, particularly if you lay them diagonally. 

8. Hang Up Pictures

Your kitchen is no less than a work of art. However, you can take this notch higher by hanging pictures or paintings. Apart from lending a class to your kitchen, it will also help the kitchen look bigger too. 

9. Opt-Out from an Overcrowded Kitchen

An overcrowded kitchen is most off-putting not just for you but for anyone entering your kitchen. So, aim for a minimalist look which makes your kitchen look spacious. It will also look super clean with the floor and countertops shining. 

Try to keep utensils and appliances out in the open which you use on a daily basis. Store away not-so-regular utensils in the cabinets.

10. Have a Lead Out to the Garden

If your small kitchen leads out to a sit-out space or verandah, that’s great. When your kitchen gets crammed with people, you can always step out for a breather. Moreover, this will allow better ventilation and airflow in the kitchen. 

11. Accent Lighting Works Superbly

The highest point of contrast in a kitchen, say experts, is the top of your cabinets. Creating accent lighting above your cabinets can cast a gentle glow, help to get rid of contrast of shadows and make the whole room look spacious. 

12. Dress Up Your Windows

Window treatments are practical and creative If your breakfast corner in the kitchen is near a window but you don’t want the neighbours staring in,  hang floor-length curtains.

And if you find the sun too harsh and keeping the window open makes your kitchen hot, apply blinds, shutters or solar shades. It is a good idea to choose window blinds which are easy to clean.

13. Have an Outstanding Accent Wall or Corner

If the rest of your kitchen is painted in one colour, say white, choose the opposite wall to paint in vibrant red or navy blue. Decorate it with tiny kitchen-related curios and see how arresting it can be. 

14. Have a Brightly-Coloured Granite Countertop

People generally think that kitchen cabinets are the most visible element but no, it’s the countertop. If your budget permits, go for a nice, warm-toned granite countertop.

Granite countertops are easy to clean and you can use the space for various purposes.

15. Make Room for a Kitchen Island 

You can make your kitchen look just a wee bit luxurious by creating a kitchen island that’s a combination of heavy-duty wood and marble countertops. Marble is easy to clean and spill-proof.

You can also choose to have a kitchen island with an inbuilt wine refrigerator. This will work exceptionally well if you’re a wine lover and need more space to house your quality wines. Ensure that your wine fridge has a glass door so your classic collection can be admired from the outside.

16. Redo the Old Cabinets

If you have worn out or scratched old oak cabinets, but do not want to remove them yet, apply a thick coat of paint. You can use enamel paint. Another option is to cut out the front of the cabinets and put in a glass pane. That way, the cabinets will look new without having to spend hefty. 

17. Include Bar Seating

If you are an extrovert and love to entertain, you need to have bar stools in your kitchen. They can be really cool and can create a wonderful ambience of informal entertaining.

You can spend countless hours with your friends around here. One good design shape of bar stools that’s as eye-catching as it is elegant is the hexagonal shape. Once your friends are seated on them, they won’t leave anytime soon.

18. Add a Bowl of Fruit

There are many ways of accessorizing your kitchen space. One way is to add a bowl of fruit or flowers to the dining table. Not only will it bring some colour to the room, but it will keep you from nibbling on junk food.

If you have flowers, it will bring in outside colours and fragrances and add a touch of loveliness to your kitchen. So either way, it’s a great idea.

19.  Make the Air Fragrant

Instead of using cheap candles, buy scented candles and a diffuser. You can try different aroma oils which are good for stress relieving. There are plenty of aroma oils available in the market that ranges from sweet-smelling to citrus, woody, flowery or spicy.

20. The Least You Can Do

As you can see, there are umpteen ways by which your kitchen can be the pride of your home. If you’re on a budget, you could begin by doing just these three things and then adding on a feature or two according to your needs. 

  • Modernize Your Hardware

Get rid of all old knobs or pull handles and go in for something new and elegant. The ones you choose should help transform and match the look of your cabinets. 

  • Organize Your Kitchen for Neatness

How does having organizer inserts or sliding shelves interest you? These organizing methods give you better control of what’s in your kitchen and look neat too.

  • Increase Storage Space Using Small Wire Shelves

If you want to maximize the space in your kitchen cabinets, use under-cabinet baskets and wire shelves. You can use these even in your freezer and fridge. At the end of it all, you’re going to have a super-organized kitchen with everything in its place. 


When your imagination comes into play, you can think of a number of ways by which you can dress up your kitchen in a way to be easy to work in and look beautiful. If you are looking to build tiny house, here we have a guide to build your tiny house step by step.

These are some of best kitchen renovation ideas to play with. Perhaps, they could be launchpads for your imagination to take a leap and give you amazing, awesome results you never expected. You can also check online furniture store for getting latest small kitchen design ideas and other home ideas.