Are you wondering what is the best kitchen backsplash idea you could implement to upgrade the value of your home? You may want to transform its appearance to meet your kitchen standard needs.

Although the kitchen backsplash primarily serves as a protection for the wall, you can add your creative decor ideas to make it look stunning and enhance its esthetics.

We have compiled a list of 15 backsplash ideas for kitchen that you can use for the best decor results. Regardless of your goals and budget, these kitchen ideas will inspire you to get a picture of what to expect after the transformation.

You can customize the backsplash ideas you learn here to meet your personal taste.

Here are the 15 awesome kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget to implement in your kitchen for desirable decor results:

1. Windows


When thinking about kitchen backsplashes, it is not necessary to plan for a solid wall. Windows can also make a beautiful kitchen environment while protecting the walls. With a window behind your kitchen sink, there are no walls to damage when you’re doing the dishes.

Windows are also advantageous for adding unique aesthetic effects. By following the right window installation procedures, you will have a complete kitchen enhancement to complement the design. Kitchen windows are also ideal for pure aeration and natural lighting.

2. Pressed Tin Tiles


When your backsplash budget is tight, you may want to consider an affordable solution for your kitchen. It turns out that apart from adding beauty to our kitchen walls, tin tiles are affordable.

Installing them and maintenance is easy. With an adhesive building material and a pair of scissors, your home maintenance technician can easily fix the tin tiles for you.

For more appealing kitchen decor with your backsplash, you can paint the tin tiles with the color of your choice. Ensure it matches the surroundings for an exceptional esthetic effect. You can also choose to make various shapes that match your decor ideas for the kitchen.

3. Wooden Backsplash

Photo courtesy of Home Dreamy

Wood is a lightweight material to build non-permanent structures. They are also easy to cut and shape. Depending on the size of your kitchen backsplash, you can complete the job with your hand saw.

For a larger area, however, you may want to take the measurements and take your wood to a lumberer or sawmill for shaping.

Wood allows you to create any shapes you want for the backsplash to enhance your decor objectives. You can make the backsplash stylistic to match your kitchenware while keeping the water off the walls.

Depending on the type of wood you choose for the backsplash, you would want to consider painting it or leave it plain. Painted wood enhances its durability while amplifying the appearance and feel of your kitchen.

4. Mirrored Backsplashes


Mirrors are necessary for any home. The uses, however, may vary from one home to the other. If you thought that mirrors are only important in the bathroom, then you are wrong. The kitchen backsplash is an ideal place to use mirrors.

The first reason to use mirrors for your kitchen backsplash is that it does not get wet or retain water. As a smooth surface, it keeps your place dry all the time; they are easy to clean and maintain.

Mirrors also help to improve lighting in your kitchen, especially if you have a small one with little available lighting. The mirrors reflect the light in your kitchen to make your working area more visible and lively.

The reflections in the mirror can also help enhance your performance and, maybe, make the room look bigger.

5. Wallpapers


In our modern world where everything is evolving quickly, you may want to have something that you can change any time you want to customize the look and performance of your kitchen backsplash. Wallpapers are great for this purpose.

With the present technology, you can get a wallpaper that is both durable and easy to work with. Wallpapers are easy to install and to detach when you want to upgrade your kitchen.

The wallpaper you choose should have a smooth surface to ensure that the water or any spills drain quickly to leave your wall clean after you have finished your work in the kitchen.

Depending on our taste, you can customize your wallpaper to serve as a decor feature in the kitchen. Pick the right shapes and colors to complement the surrounding objects in the kitchen.

You may choose a lighted wallpaper to add a lighting feature in your kitchen to enhance visibility while cooking.

6. Chalkboard and Paint


Extend the usability of your kitchen backsplash with a chalkboard. You will not only protect your kitchen walls but also enhance its appearance. You can also save money on paint. The chalkboard paint is more affordable and easier to work with compared to paint. Check our article to select best paint for your kitchen cabinets.

On your chalkboard backsplash, you can write your inspirations and ideas that come your way while cleaning or cooking. You can as well use it to make your daily kitchen budget and specialized menus.

7. The New Floral Tiles


Tiles have been in use as kitchen backsplashes for decades. The new floral tiles are an advancement to create a visually-appealing kitchen. They are perfectly cut for the best appearance in your kitchen.

With various flower shapes and sizes to choose from, you can customize the look of your kitchen to match your needs for appealing aesthetic effects. You may as well paint the flowers on some of the sections of the tiles to bring out outstanding effects and texture to your kitchen walls.

8. Pegboard


You can use pegboards almost everywhere in the house, including your kitchen. They are more affordable than most of the materials we use for kitchen backsplash. Pegboard is also easy to work with when you want to customize the look in your kitchen.

Apart from its protective purpose, you can use the pegboard backsplash as a holder for your kitchenware. You could meet more than one purpose with a pegboard backsplash. Hang your utensils for easier drying instead of buying a rack.

9. High Gloss Paint


When you want a quick and actionable backsplash solution for your kitchen counter, then high gloss paint is your ideal solution. When picking the paint, ensure it is glossy for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Buying paint is much more affordable compared with other backsplash materials like tiles.

Another advantage of using high gloss paint for your kitchen backsplash is that you can do it yourself without hiring an expert. Whenever you want to remodel the kitchen to add a custom decor accent, you can easily redo the paint or change it completely.

Since paint does not eat up space on your kitchen cabinet, you can easily add another material when you change your mind.

10. Urban Graystone Tiles


Graystone tiles add a distinctive feel to your kitchen backsplash. Apart from protecting your kitchen wall, they add a taste to your kitchen decor ideas. You can use various colors to create patterns that match your kitchen decor inspirations or goals.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are hard and smooth when compared to ordinary stone. You can expect the ordinary stone to get damp and collect moss shortly.

However, the processing and treatment that porcelain and ceramic stones go through do not allow them to retain splash water when you are working on your kitchen counter.

Fitting the tiles is also easy. It is not necessary to use sealing material to hold the tiles in place. When done accurately, you get a durable, strong, and ever-clean backsplash for your kitchen.

11. Create a Sound-Wave Effect


You can transform the look of your kitchen when installing your backsplash using small colored tiles. By mixing various mosaic colors, you can create a unique feel on your kitchen backsplash.

The tiles are easy to install and maintain. You need to pick the colors that add an accent to your kitchen environment and match other kitchen articles for consistency.

Instead of arranging your tiles horizontally, you change the orientation. Vertical arrangements allow you to create straight vertical lines marking the beginning and the end of the sound waves in your pattern.

It also helps you to attain a smooth and consistent design. Use various color patterns and accents to bring out the outline of the spectrum.

12. Add a Tone of Gray


White is the most preferred color for most modern kitchens. But have you thought how gray can make a difference in your kitchen decor ideas?

While the kitchen backsplash is all about creating a protective layer for the kitchen walls, you can use the opportunity to add some ideas to your decor plan.

Gray color works fine in your kitchen especially when you have a minimalist design. Adding a tone of gray can create an accent that draws attention to the kitchen backsplash. The idea can help in improving the home value in modern society – by grasping the viewer’s attention.

To bring out the best effect, you need small tiles. They do not have to be geometrical. You only need to ensure that they can fit in properly. If you want, you can add a dark gray patch or outline and make the rest a bit lighter.

13. Bare Bricks


A simple layer of exposed bricks on your kitchen backsplash is one of the ideas you can use to bring the feel of a vintage house into your kitchen. They are easy to work with and do not require special treatment or maintenance.

The advantage of bricks is that they are affordable and durable. You should ensure that the bricks you use are well-baked so that they do not get damp when they come into contact with water.

Bricks are also easy to cut and shape so that you can implement the design you prefer most for your backsplash.

14. Black Amid Lighted Cabinets


While still lingering on the minimalistic kitchen design, dark-toned backslashes can simplify your efforts while enhancing your achievements. Simple colors that complete a minimalist design are white and black.

The structures and items also need to be simple or geometric in design. Use black together with white-lighted cabinets to enhance the minimalist effect.

To effectively use black for your kitchen backsplash, you need to use dark-colored tiles to add texture and effect. In case you cannot get tiles, you can use any affordable material that you can shape according to your needs and paint it black.

But remember that if you need paint, it should be highly glossy to prevent water from sticking to the material.

15. Photo or Print


You can make your kitchen more lively by using a family photo as your kitchen backsplash. Any other type of creative and informative print can also work in bringing out the desired effect behind your kitchen counter and sink.

You can capture moments with your family enjoying a hearty meal. Regardless of whether it was taken in the family house or at a picnic, a happy family will inspire you daily.

Make sure you seal your photography with transparent and damp-proof material so that it does not get wet while you are working in the kitchen.


When it comes to kitchen wall protection, you need to think about it as a way of adding a feature or decor to your kitchen. There are many Kitchen Backsplash Ideas you can do with your kitchen backsplash and make it look awesome.

You can only be limited by your taste and preferences. Ensure that whatever you use for protecting your kitchen walls is within your budget and gives you the best value for the house.