Interior design trends move in and out of style at an unmatched pace. In the case of the dining room decor, we have noticed some of the best designs in recent years.

However, designing a dining room, that is both elegant and functional is not an easy task. From the ceiling lighting to the flooring, the walls and the table, everything should be in impeccable harmony to inject the dining room with a touch of grandeur.

To help you out, we have listed some stunning dining rooms decor ideas that will make your heart swoon. Take a look:

1. Traditional Dining Room

Traditional setups are one of the most popular choices in interior design. They look elegant and classy and can easily complement any home decor. Traditional dining rooms with wooden furniture, classic artworks, linen curtains with fringe detailing, faded floral cushions and delicate lace panels add a distinct yesteryear vibe to your dining decor.

To add a glittering touch to the whole setup, go for a decadent glass chandelier. As far as furniture is concerned, opt for antique French chairs upholstered in lighter colored fabrics.

A floor made hand-scraped hickory planks, and a large landscape painting will add to the outdoor elan. Lastly, invest in a good tableware range as it adds a touch of class to any dinner table.

2. Modern Dining Room

Who says modern can’t be fun? These are one of the easiest designs to style but adds the most character to your space.

For a contemporary look, opt for different colored dining chairs as they will brighten up your dining room. Two identical pendants hanging over an impeccably styled dining table illuminates the transparency of tableware range.

Patterned wallpapers with an array of colors and finishes add excitement to a modern dining room. Pair the whole set up with a few statement accessories for some dramatic effects, and you are good to go. For anyone who thinks modern is boring, this one will completely change your viewpoint.

3. Monochrome Dining Room

Black and white never goes out of style, even when it comes to styling the dining room. There’s just something about the classic black and white combo that can’t be replicated by any other design. It can create a striking yet impactful look if styled carefully. You can always play around with prints and textures for an eye-catching look.

The exposed brick wall and the aged polished concrete floor looks fresh and stylish. The best part of the monochrome design is that it lets you play with the style. You can keep it vibrant or go as per your style.

4. French-style Dining Room

France is known for its artistic savoir-faire. French styling gives a warm, rustic feel to the room. It lends elegance to space with practical luxury. The French interior is effortless; the only rule you need to follow is that don’t try too hard!

A wooden dining table staged with bright, comfortable chairs and chic all-white interiors reflect the old retro style. From the furniture to the aesthetics, to beautiful vintage pieces or handcrafted objects, everything comes together in combination to create the perfect backdrop for a vintage vibe.

5. Dark Dining Room

The trend has changed towards warmer color palette and more vibrant accent colors. Darker colors give a more out-of-the-box, colorful side that is an art in itself. Complement it with whimsical art and decor and a vintage piece of lightning for that stylish cues in the overall decor of the room. Choose warm metals like copper or gold on the walls to create a sense of contrast.

However, it’s imperative to balance out bold colors in your interior design. Using too much of one eye-catching color can spoil the whole look instead of creating a trendy style statement. As far as furnishings within a room is concerned, include some neutral shades in various applications.

6. Colour-Pop Dining Room

Colorful dining rooms look incredibly eye-catching. Yellow is a fun color and can instantly lift a place into a thoroughly modern design. Yellow chairs combined with wooden accent tables give a dose of high-end sophistication. Get the design together while bringing focus to a light-colored ceiling and an eye-catching chandelier. The fresh flowers bring the verdant surroundings into the interior.

Placing a dining rug adds plush texture to space. The bright white walls are warmed by a vibrant painting that never goes out of style so you can feel comfortable investing in it. If your dining room ensures adequate lighting, then decorate the sides with houseplants for a classy touch to space.

7. Eclectically Glamorous

Gone are the days of the all-in-one dining set. Give your dining room an eclectic-chic look by juxtaposing two or three distinctly different chair styles. It gives your dining space a gracious look. The tall wingback chairs in two different fabrics give a subtly intriguing yet still traditional look.

A round or oval sized table creates more room to be creative. The warm wood tone of the table synchronizes well with the walls and furnishings.

The tiered coco bead chandelier with an antique gold finish lends a vintage vibe to the entire setup. The Turkish vintage rug packs a big punch.

8. Art Deco Dining Room

Art deco interior design looks glamorous and elegant. Characterized by symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes and bold geometry, these designs are timeless. Decadent, polished and high-shine finishes compliment them well. As per your liking, you can use either a dark or light color palette and combine it with mirrored panels and a stunning, geometric chandelier for that elegant deco.

The wooden table in the center has an unparalleled glamour. Harmonious interior design is created by blending in a lot of patterns. Patterned wallpaper is worth considering in this kind of setup. Chairs upholstered in a rich shade of velvet add a touch of Art Deco glamour to a dining room.

9. Minimalistic Style Dining Room

A minimalistic dining room is never out of style. The minimalist aesthetic works to create a clean canvas for you to experiment with. Just keep everything simple and classy. Go for white walls, and concrete floors to create a bright and industrial-style loft.

The black dining pendant lights match nicely with the black dining table. A statement vase at the center of the table can be design-friendly as well as practical. The dramatic art piece is truly transformative and gives a bit bolder touch to the otherwise minimalist room. There is no need to use textures when you can create design perfection with all white. The classic layout promotes comfort, and that big glass wall lets plenty of natural light pour.

10. Decadent Dining Room

These types of dining rooms decor carry an extravagant feel. The best part about these dining rooms is that they work both for celebrations and a simple meal. Rich patterns, shiny surfaces, and bold designs add to the whimsical flair of the room. 

A magnificent table in the center is turning the room into a luxurious space. Go for a statement luxurious chandelier to add more richness to dining decor. Mirrored surfaces, brass finishes, and gleaming metallic accessories lend a playful yet polished look.

11. Verdant Style Dining Room

The verdant style dining room is one of the latest dining room trends that is ruling the markets. Fresh and natural, this is the kind of vibe such as dining decor gives. A classic wooden table makes a stylish statement while the rich, layered textures, pendant light, and vintage majolica plates provide all the ornament this luxurious design requires.

You can also keep a collection of painted pots or hang old garden tools on the wall to add the charm of the garden-style decorating. Paint the walls in garden-friendly colors like daffodil yellow, green or sky blue.

12. Polished in Pink

You would never guess that this color looks so charming and adorable, giving that eclectic vintage at its best. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to working with this color. However, there is no doubt about it that pink can be tricky to pull off.

From upholstery to drapery to rugs, pink combined with white can turn the dining room into a luxurious sanctuary. For ceilings opt for lighter opal pink color as it gives extra luminescence when light from a chandelier reflects on it. Pair it with a modern console table and go for floral pink prints on dining room chairs for a natural and vibrant look.

13. Classic Blue and White

This classic palette has been in use for ages. The color pairing looks effortlessly stylish. The best part is that it complements almost any kind of decor and works in any space.

The whitewashed fretwork dining chairs along with a classic wooden table and the striped rug creates a tranquil space that looks serene. Opt for turquoise blue glassware for a tropical touch. For a bright visual impact, go for a blue-and-white wallpaper. 

14. Mirrored Drama

Mirrors have room-defining powers, and they can visually make space appear larger than it is. A mirrored wall adds dramatic effects, and the massive urchin-like chandelier makes this room more elegant. Opt for chairs with patterned prints and a classic table.

Create a focal point in your dining room with the help of a mirror. Make sure you use the mirrors only for the reflections you want to see. The rule is to choose the right mirror and hang it in the right place in your dining room.

15. Scandinavian Dining room

Scandinavian-style dining rooms give a comfortable and cozy feel without much effort. They are made for daily use. If you don’t like the formal kind of setup in dining rooms, then this laid back dining room style is the perfect one for you to enjoy your meal.

The pendant light illuminates the wooden elements of the hardwood flooring, console table, and the wooden wishbone chairs. This design combines modern and vintage aesthetics while the pendant is giving the contemporary vibe. Make sure hardwood flooring is clean & clear. Check out best ways to clean hardwood floor.


When it comes to decor, the possibilities are endless but the dining room should be a reflection of your tastes and interests. It’s always good to have a clear purpose and a palette in mind! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color schemes that you are drawn to. If you want some inspirational decor ideas for dining room, check out best online furniture stores for latest trendy ideas. We hope you found this guide useful and helpful enough to design the dining room of your dreams!