Want to accent the dull and plain walls in your house? Rather than running to the paint store to get a bright color to paint the wall, why not give it a unique touch? Wood paneling can provide a rich base to your walls. 

With the right approach, you can get a modern and stylish design with even a boring-looking wood panel.

Like home styles, these go away only to come back in fashion once again. So, bid goodbye to your stodgy stereotypes and welcome the newest, and most appealing designs. Here are some inspiring ideas for decorative wood panel for wall to spruce up your space.

#1 Paint the Wood Panel

One of the best ways to make your boring wood paneling look new is by painting them. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders.

Use a good primer to cover the wood grain and add a few coats of white paint. It will instantly give the room a touch of elegance, and it will appear bright.

Hence, you will get a cottage-like feel. It also makes the room look cute.

#2 Whitewash the Wood Panels

How about you dig into the wall’s wood grain texture? There is no shame in it. It is whitewashing. However, don’t mistake it for old whitewashing with lime. It will keep the surface of the walls grainy.

Water down the paint and then brush on. Wipe immediately. Keep repeating this until you get your preferred color.

Whitewashing will make the room appear sophisticated.

#3 Add Stripes

For a completely different touch and to use the grooves in the wall, you can go for stripes. You have to create lines or streaks on the walls.

Choose paints in contrasting shades. Use one of them for painting the paneling slats and the other one for painting the paneling grooves. It will brighten and clean the entire interior.

Avoid leaving gobs of paint on the panel’s smoother part. Stripes can instantly give your room a modern and quirky touch.

#4 Convert Wood Panels to Regular Walls

When you are tired of the wood panel, transform it into a regular wall. Get drywall compounds from a local home improvement store. Use it and fill the cracks and lines present on the wooden panel.

The next step is to sand the paneling and use a primer. Paint using whatever color you desire. Make sure the color goes with the rest of the setting.

The final product should appear like the conventionally painted walls. Thus, it will be challenging to tell painted wooden panels from painted walls.

#5 Hide The Panels with Curtains and Shelves

A bare wall can quickly draw an onlooker’s attention. But, no one is going to pay attention when you place or construct something in front of the paneled wall.

Use a bookshelf to disguise the panel. This will draw the onlooker to the design or the components of the bookshelf rather than the wall.

Another way to hide the panel is to hang curtains from ceiling to the floor. This will mask the wood paneling. Thus, it will soften the room. Adding curtains will also make the room appear elegant.

#6 Use Artwork to Hide It

Draw away attention to the wooden panel adding artworks. Your guests are going to be more interested in art than the wall. It gives off a style statement and garners bold feel.

An art gallery that hangs art in a salon-style can be a great choice. You can also hang large mirrors or big sculptures to distract the onlooker from the wood panel.

Thus, the walls become a decorative backdrop rather than just a boring wood panel.

#7 Use a Non-Wood Color

Rather than pretending that the wood panels don’t exist, why not embrace it? Use a non-wood color to paint them. Thus, it will be hard to ignore.

You can paint it in one color. Alternating colors can also be the right choice. You can use a tan after that white or black again a tan.

The room will appear lighter and fresher. This is one of the most natural and easy to apply wood paneling ideas.

#8 Use a Wallpaper

A great way to take attention off the wood panel is to cover it with wallpaper. However, regular wallpaper will still show the grooves. You will need a flatter surface for wallpapering.

Use a wallpaper liner at first to hide the imperfections on your walls. Thus, the wall will become ideal for wallpapering. You can get some more inspiration from living room decor ideas.

With wallpaper, you can completely hide the panels, and no one will ever notice them.

#9 Wainscot the Wood Panel

When you do not like your wood panel, you can go for a wainscot. With this idea, you can paint the lower portion of the wood panel wall with white color. Paint about 1/3  of the lower part.

After that, use wallpaper on the rest of the wall. To separate the wallpaper and paint, you can add a rail.

This will preserve the wood panel and also give it a new look. It will provide a classy look to the room, and you won’t even have to pay for costly wainscoting boards.

#10 Add Texture to the Walls

For this, you will have to remove the wall strips and also cover the seams. But if you want to use a texture between wall stripes or as a part of the batten and board design, it will also work.

You can use special techniques and paints to get a textured wall. This is also possible through textured wallpaper.

#11 Use Stencil

A versatile and affordable way to perk up the look of your wooden panels is stenciling. This will update the walls with any trendy design you choose.

Either use a stencil on a seamless surface or leave the wall with seam stripes visible.

Paint the wall stripes in one color and then use a stencil in between to get a creative design. It is flexible. Thus, you can use whitewash or textured paints to get unique effects.

#12 Move Them to the Ceiling

It is not easy to remove the wood panels. Hence, it is better not to overdo it. You can use it on the ceiling rather than on the walls. This will create an attractive and completely unique effect.

However, make sure that you keep flat walls. Panels on the roof, as well as walls with curvature,  are not aesthetically pleasing.

#13 Change the Panel Direction

Another way to go with wood paneling is to change the direction of the panels. You have to swap the vertically placed panels to horizontal ones. This will give a new feel to the room.

It is a cost-effective way to give a makeover to the wall panels. It will offer a rustic touch to your whole space and emphasize the width of the area.

#14 Paint it, Black

Do you have wooden panels in your bathroom? Is it making the bathroom appear shabby and dark?

Well, you can quickly turn it into a brighter and modern one by painting it black. If you have a gothic style, then it is a perfect choice.

Painting a smaller room in a darker shade can make it appear larger. This can make space seem more intimate.

This is a great way to disguise the panels when you do not love them. The method can also work well with small-size rooms.

#15 Dress It Up with Marble

You can give the panels a sophisticated touch using marble tiles. When you contrast walls with groups, a luxurious texture such as marble will make the thing appear more elevated.

Also, it exudes a feeling of elegance.

Keep in mind that this works well when you have wood panels with narrow slats. This offers an understated twist to the wall.

It will not only downplay the groups but will also brighten up the wall.

#16 Play with Furniture

Paint the wooden panels white. This way, it will draw your attention to the headboard, and you won’t notice the wooden boards. Then rearrange the existing furniture for a better look.

You can also use your other furniture in the room, such as a statement mirror. It is an affordable way to amp-up the look of the wooden panels.

#17 Use a Bold Color

Simply because you have wooden panel walls, it does not mean that you cannot give you room fun and bohemian touch. Boho designs are in trend and worthwhile to explore.

You can paint the entire room with a bold color such as yellow or blue. Paint it from floor to the ceiling in the bright lacquer.

This will create a high impact. It is the perfect setup for a boho-look.

Paneling or no paneling, the bold color is going to look fun and appealing.

#18 Add Tiles and Use Color-Block

If you have wooden panels in your kitchen, In such a case, perk it up with some extra style.

Use color-block wood paneling. Add tile black-splash to go with it. It gives the space a geometric dimension, and everything seems organized and directed.

It is useful for dressing the areas that are dull and light them up. One such place is the oven zone.

 Using tiles behind oven spaces, juts brings the entire space forward in your eyes. 

This will give your kitchen a whole new modernized appeal.

#19 Floor to Ceiling Tile

One of the best ways to cover up your boring-looking wooden panels is to cover it up with tiles from the floor to the ceiling.

This will make the wall pop with excitement. It can be used anywhere you want but works best for bathrooms.

But you need some careful planning to go with it. Bright color patterns can create visual interest. Thus, use it in a single accent wall and avoid having an overwhelming tone.

#20 Include Multiple Light Sources Around the Panel

When painting or covering the panels isn’t an option for you, then you can decorate the panel with lights. Place several light sources throughout the room, especially close to the panel.

Use floor lamps for brightening the scones and the corner.

Thus, it will highlight the wall surface. Hang a big mirror for reflecting the light.

You can add a little glamour by showcasing a gallery of arts in a light color. It will easily disguise the dark panel.

#21 Think Beyond a Farmhouse

Use bold pink, blues, and orange color to balance out the white or wooden color wall panels.

This will make the room appear so much brighter.

Playing with color is the perfect way to light up the room.

#22 On the Edge

In case you do not want the wood panels to make your house look shabby, avoid decorating it like a cottage.

Go for edgy and boho-accents.

You can use leather and dark color furniture, modern and geometric lights, and patterned pillows. This will instantly give an old room a modern touch.

#23 Less is More

Keep the walls simple. Use wood panel only behind the fireplace. This will make the whole space stand out.

The fire should be the focal point of your room.

Keep in mind; sometimes less is more.

#24 Spread The Panels Out

You don’t have to abide by the conventional concept of packing the wooden panels together. Install only a few of them.

It will help in spacing them out. When there is space between the wooden panels, it will give the place a modern vibe.

#25 Replace The Panel

Replacing a wood panel with the drywall is a great idea. However, the solution can be a complicated one as you have to know how to do the drywall.

Be careful as the sanding process might make the whole room dusty.

This is the most professional way to deal with wood paneling. The walls are not going to look cheap or thin. Also, the room isn’t going to echo as much as wood panels. If you have hardwood flooring, make sure it remain clean. Here are some of the best ways to clean hardwood flooring.

Wood paneling for walls is an excellent way to add much-needed uniqueness to your home decor. It is cost-effective, easily replaceable, and adds to the overall coziness of your walls. So use our ideas, tweak them to your own liking and design walls that speak for themselves.